A Fillable Fax Cover Sheet is the one that you can fill online and then take a print-out for your use. On this page you can see different type of fax cover sheet templates available for download in a pdf format. A fax cover sheet is a document that is sent before the actual message or document. The purpose of sending a cover sheet is to let receiver knows who the sender is and for who’s the correct recipient is, plus there could be instructions for recipient so that he/she knows what to do with the fax document. A fax cover sheet is one of the most commonly used document, especially useful in companies where a single fax machine is used by many employees.

The information on a printable fax cover sheet depends on the type of cover sheet you’re sending. Following is the information that you can expect on a cover sheet generally:

  • the name and surname of sender
  • the fax & phone number of sender
  • Recipient’s name and surname
  • Recipient’s fax and phone number
  • date and time of fax transmission
  • number of fax pages
  • subject of fax and an option note or instructions for recipient

If you’re looking to make a basic fax cover sheet then below you can see fillable fax cover sheet templates shared specially for you. You can fill these templates online and take a print-out for your use.

Free Fillable Fax Cover Sheet PDF

Fillable Fax Cover Sheet

Download Fax Cover Sheet – Fillable PDF

Printable Fillable Fax Cover Sheet Template

Printable Fillable Fax Cover Sheet

Download Printable Fax Cover Sheet -Fillable PDF

Download Free Fax Cover Sheet in PDF & Word

Finding fillable fax cover sheets could be a daunting task some times. For the convenience of our users, we have shared few printable fax cover sheet templates here, use any of the sheet template from here to make your own fax cover sheet in minuted. The whole purpose of sharing these pre-designed sheets is to simply your work.

Faxing is still used as a mode of communication at many places specially government offices, schools, medical field, etc. The reason why faxing is still relevant because it’s secure and trusted mode of communication when it comes to sending important documents.