Fax cover letter comes in handy when it comes to sending important documents securely. Fax is still used as a mode of communication even though there are plenty of communication modes available.

If you have important or confidential documents to send for work, school, or personal matter then do check out the fax cover letter templates here and download a suitable one for your use.

There is a section on a cover sheet where messages, comments, or other important information can be added. Faxing is a part of government offices, medical sector, professional sector, and academic sector.

A fax cover letter is the very first thing that the recipient would see. The contact information of both sender & receiver, fax number, fax subject, etc is written on a cover letter.

Fax Cover Letter PDF Example

If you are wondering what’s written on a cover letter then please note that the date, number of fax pages, name & address of recipient, fax number, fax subject, a short messages is usually covered on a cover letter. For a business fax cover sheet, there is a section to include the name & logo of a company for branding purposes.

Fax Cover Letter PDF

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Free Fax Cover Letter Template Word

Check out the editable fax cover sheet template below. You can download this letter in .doc word format. You can make the necessary changes as per your work need or requirement.

Fax Cover Letter Template Word

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Blank Fax Cover Letter Sample

A blank fax cover page has empty fields where information can be added by a sender. The sample of blank fax cover sheet is shared below.

Blank Fax Cover Letter

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How to Make a Fax Cover Sheet

Making a fax cover sheet is no rocket science, you need to have a basic knowledge of using MS Word to create a fax cover sheet. Creating a cover letter from scratch may consume some time and efforts. In order to save the time & efforts of our users, here we have shared free fax cover sheet samples and examples, download or print any of the cover sheet from here and use it for your work requirement.

Many people wonders why faxing is still relevant? Faxing is one of the oldest and secure mode of communication specially when it comes to send confidential information.

You can see the use of fax machines in government offices, medical offices, and many companies as well. If you are a part of the organization or business where faxing is done then make sure to know about the cover sheet or letter, how to make it, how to properly fill it, and what’s the purpose of using it.

Free fax cover pages are shared on this page that can be used for both personal and professional work. For business or professional work, make sure to add logo and name of a company, use the formal font & design only. For personal work, you can choose to add whatever font or design you like. A variety of cover letters are available here, download any of the template, and print as many copies as you want.